North Carolina
 State Board of Registration for Foresters


The North Carolina Board of Registration for Foresters was established with the passage of G.S. 89B. This Chapter requires that anyone who uses the designation ‘forester’, ‘registered forester’, or any other descriptive terms that include the words ‘forester’ or ‘registered forester’ and that directly conveys that the person is a forester must be registered with the Board. This benefits and protects the public by improving the standards for the practice of professional forestry in North Carolina.

The Board reviews the qualifications and experience of applicants, receives and investigates complaints, and takes appropriate actions against those who violate forestry registration laws.

The Board is composed of five members; four are registered foresters and one is a public member.  All members are appointed by the Governor for a three year term.



Board Meetings / Quarterly Calls
Next Board meeting is 10am September 28 at the Chatham County Ag & Conference Center in Pittsboro, NC. Anyone interested in learning more should contact Jennifer Grantham at (919) 847-5441 for details.

Next Exam Date
Date: August 31, 2017
Location: Stan Adams Training Center, Jordan Lake ESF, Chapel Hill



 US Mail: NC Board of Registration for Foresters;  PO Box 27393; Raleigh, NC 27611     Telephone: 919-847-5441    E-mail: