North Carolina
 State Board of Registration for Foresters


Registration Exams

Examinations are given twice each year.

Upcoming Exams:
Date: March 31, 2017
Location: Stan Adams Training Center, Jordan Lake ESF, Chapel Hill

Exam Information

Detailed information about the Level 1 Examination.

Detailed information about the Level 2 Examination.

In order to take the exam all applications, official transcript, and payment must be sent to the NCBRF office at least 14 days before the exam date.

Individuals with applications on file will be notified before each examination.

To be eligible to take any examination, you must file an application with the Registration Board at least 14 days prior to attempting an exam. Individuals with active applications on file will be notified of each examination by mail. Contact Jennifer Grantham at 919-847-5441 or for an application.

Two types of examinations are given as part of the registration process. Applicants seeking registration without a Bachelor’s or higher forestry degree from an SAF-accredited forestry school must pass the 6 hour, Level 1 examination. Applicants with a Bachelor’s or higher degree from an SAF-accredited forestry school must pass the 4 hour, Level 2 examination.

The range of questions on both examinations is broad and covers any material included in forestry and forestry-related courses. The following critically important subject areas are always covered: mensuration, management, silviculture, dendrology, silvics/physiology, genetics, soils, economics, entomology, pathology, fire, and aerial photography. A score of 70 percent or higher is required to pass either examination.

Following general policy, the Board does not offer study sessions, practice examinations, or recommendations for references, but sample examination questions are available. The samples provided are reasonably representative of some of the questions found on the Registration Examination. Most questions were asked on an exam at one time or another. The questions are intended as examples, not an exhaustive study guide. All possible types, categories, and styles of questions are not included.

To help ensure the integrity and fairness of the registration examination, the Board restricts the type of calculator allowed on the examination. Only non-programmable calculators with memory limited to a single number and a single display line will be allowed. The Board approves scientific calculators made by Texas Instruments or Casio, provided they also meet the restrictions noted above. All other calculators will be inspected before the examination and may be disallowed. As before, smart phones, tablets, laptops and similar electronic devices are not allowed.

The NC Forestry & Environmental Outreach Program offers Review and Preparation Sessions

These review and exam prep sessions were developed by North Carolina State University's Forestry and Environmental Outreach Program in cooperation with the NC Forest Service, NC State University Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, and NCSU Cooperative Extension Forestry. The NC Board of Registration for Foresters has no affiliation with this prep course. The course is 100% distance education. The website with details is:

NCSU - Forestry and Environmental Outreach Program, NCSU-FEOP, Campus Box 8008, Raleigh, NC 27695-8008, phone: (919) 515-5065, fax (919) 515-7793,
homepage: NCSU - Forestry and Environmental Outreach Program



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