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Knowledge obtained by individuals during their formal forestry education provides the foundation for a lifelong process of knowledge and learning. With the rapid development of technology and the ongoing growth of the science of forestry, it is essential for foresters to keep their knowledge current. Continuing education helps in meeting this need.


Section 89B-11(b) of the authorizing legislation states The Board shall require registered foresters to attend continuing education courses approved by the Board, not to exceed 12 hours per year as a condition of renewal.


Administrative Rules adopted by the Board and approved by the legislature state:

(a) All registered foresters shall attend continuing education courses annually to maintain their registration. Ten CFE (Continuing Forestry Education) credits approved by the Society of American Foresters are required each year, except as outlined in this Rule. CFE's must be SAF category 1, 2, or 3, with at least six being from category 1.

(b) Registered foresters shall verify CFE compliance to the Board with each annual renewal.

(c) Those registered foresters who provide information to the Board that verifies that they are retired from a career in forestry may qualify to continue their registration by earning a minimum of three category 1, 2, or 3 CFE's annually.

(d) The Board shall approve hardship cases, such as military deployment, extended illness or other circumstances that prevent the Registered Forester from obtaining the required CFE's upon request.

Annual Renewals

A Continuing Forestry Education Personal Activity Record must be submitted with annual renewal of forester registration. Also, copies of the Category 1 CFE Contact Notices for each course must be submitted with the renewal. A Personal Activity Record will be mailed with each renewal notice or one can be down loaded from this web site.

Guidelines for Granting Waivers for Continuing Education Requirements - Approved 12/13/2011

The NC Board of Registration for Foresters has the authority, under NC Administrative Code, to waive continuing education requirements in certain circumstances.

The Board shall waive the annual continuing education requirements for hardship cases, such as military deployment, extended illness or other circumstances that prevent the Registered Forester from obtaining the required CFE's [21 NCAC 20 .0123]. All requests must be in writing and addressed to the Board. The RF must describe the reason(s) for not obtaining the required educational credits. When reviewing requests not related to military deployment or extended illness, the Board will base its decision on the circumstances that "prevent" the RF from obtaining the required educational credits.

Continuing Education Categories

The Board has adopted the Society of American Foresters' (SAF) continuing education categories to meet the requirements of our legislation. North Carolina recognizes only category 1, 2, and 3 CFE credits toward meeting our continuing education requirements with at least 6 CFEs needing to be in category 1.

CFE Coordinators

The SAF has CFE Coordinators across the country that evaluate courses, sessions, activities, etc. and determine whether they meet the SAF criteria for Category 1 CFE ‘s and the number of credits for each.

Send detailed course agenda to:

Hans Rohr, NC SAF Division CFE Coordinator
4470 Hwy 242 N.
Elizabethtown, NC 28337
Phone: 910-588-4964

Emailed electronic requests are preferred over mailed requests.

For information from the Society of American Foresters visit: SAF Continuing Education Organizations, Companies, Agencies, Groups, Etc. are encouraged to submit scheduled forestry sessions to their State Coordinator for a CFE determination and provide CFE forms to attendees at the session.

Sources of Continuing Forestry Education Courses

North Carolina

Appalachian Society of American Foresters Annual Winter Meeting,

Eight excellent conference presentations….

  • Carbon Credit Audits
  • Regional Biomass Energy Overview
  • Biotechnology Solutions & Value-added Opportunities
  • Plantation Spacing for Maximum Value
  • Forest Land Conversion
  • Fuels from the Forest
  • Harvesting Technologies and Systems
  • Emerging Computer Technologies and Solutions

For more information ...

The Southern Forestry & Natural Resources Webinar Portal is a service of the Southern Regional Extension Forestry Office, North Carolina State University's Extension Forest Resources, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, and other participating land-grant universities in the South. This portal will serve as a launching point for current and archived natural resource webinars. This site will also host information on upcoming webinars and webinars from other organizations that are relevant. Be sure to check out this site for all your webinar needs.

Forest Landowners Association - Stephen Whitfield, North Carolina Coordinator, PO Box 31024, Raleigh, NC 27622, phone (919) 787-1220, email:

N.C. Forestry Association -

NC. Chapter of the Association of Consulting Foresters, Andrew Casey, President, phone (336)838-5766

Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences - Courses for Working Professionals

Adjoining States

South Carolina - Susan T. Guynn, Extension Associate School of Agriculture, Forest and Environmental Sciencesbr
272 Lehotsky Hall, Clemson, SC 29634-0317
(864) 656-0606 (864) 656-4786 FAX
email: homepage:

Virginia - David Waterman, Assistant Director for Program Development Division of Continuing Education, Virginia Tech
820 University City Blvd., Mail Code 0364, Blacksburg, BA 24061,
phone: (540) 231-5486, fax: (540) 231-9886 email: homepage:

Georgia - Susan King, The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Warnell School of Forest Resources, Athens, GA 30602
Send mail to: Georgia Center for Continuing Education, phone (706) 542-6640, fax: (706) 542-6465 email:

Tennessee - Wayne Clatterbuck, Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries
University of Tennessee, PO Box 1071, Knoxville, TN 37901-1071
phone: (423) 974-7126, fax (423) 974-4714
email: homepage: No active site maintained - forestry school site is:


Society of American Foresters Education Calendar: Continuing Education Opportunities
SAF Continuing Education

Alabama - Chris Issacson, Preceda Education & Training
PO Box 370, Wetumpa, AL 36092
Phone: (334)514-3000, fax (334) 514-3011
email:, homepage:
Preceda is a private firm currently contracting with Auburn University to conduct courses in Alabama. This firm also performs continuing education programs around the south, including North Carolina, in an unaffiliated fashion.

Arkansas - Frank Roth, Southwest Research & Education Center
Hope, AR 71801
phone: (870) 777-9702, Ext. 106, fax: (870) 777-8441 homepage: No forestry calendar is maintained, the forestry school web address is

Kentucky - Jeffrey Stringer, Hardwood Silviculturist, Department of Forestry, University of Kentucky,
205 Thomas P. Cooper Bldg., Lexington, KY 40546-0073
phone: (859) 257-5994, (859) 323-1031
email: homepage: No official forestry calendar- forestry school site is


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